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What is a cookie?

Please visit Cookies and You or to learn more about what cookies are.

How does FORT use cookies

We use secure session and time limited cookies to record whether or not a user is logged in.

Third-party cookies

FORT does not use cookies for marketing purposes but does collect anonymised statistics via Google Analytics. The Google cookies are Anonymised and cannot be traced back to you. You can learn more about Google Analytics cookies by going to

Site personalisation

FORT uses an HTML5 feature called Local storage to store users personalisation settings.

Local storage is very similar to a cookie but is more secure and faster as the settings are not sent to our servers with every request like a cookie but is stored locally within your browser cache.

Local storage is not shared between browsers or computers and is deleted when clearing your "Offline Web Site Data".

What are my options?

Unfortunately the site would not function correctly without the use of cookies therefore you must accept the use of cookies to use this site.