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Those who are vulnerable will vary but include:

  • those with mobility difficulties (e.g. those with physical disabilities or pregnant women);
  • those with mental health difficulties;
  • those in receipt of social and/or medical care in their own homes and others who are dependent, such as children.

Please note: FORT will not trigger an emergency response! Please dial 999 if you need one.

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Default Statement:

This application is administered by Dorset Council (under the GeoWessex partnership) and as such we are data processors. The data controllers for this record are the individual Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFA) and risk managers such as the Environment Agency (EA) or utility companies.

The website collects property / location data on flooding to allow authorities to undertake their legal duties. The answers you give regarding the location and source of flooding are used to ensure that your report reaches the correct authority.

Personal data is collected to allow the system to manage your record. Contact details may be used by the relevant authorities to discuss your report.

The system will not keep contact information or comments and media containing personal data for longer than 7 years unless by agreement with you and where a reason can be provided for the extension request. Personal data may be removed in advance of this by the relevant record lead. You will be notified once your record can no longer be edited unless re-activated by a registered user.

Data submitted on the website is shared between Lead Local Flood Authorities, the Environment Agency, emergency services and other organisations who need the data to assist them with analysis, planning or emergency response to flooding. It may be used to plan future flood defence schemes and to inform the public about whether there is a risk of flooding in an area. All non-personal data is also subject to Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Requests as set out in the relevant regulations.

The full privacy notice for this site can be found at

Where data controllers and organisations have provided an additional privacy notice you can find the details using the link below this statement. 

We use email as the primary method of communication relating to processing of your report. You will be sent details of how to access and update your record via an email from Should you wish to prevent further communication you should update your record and remove the email address.

By accepting this agreement, you confirm that you understand that your email address will be used to keep in touch regarding your submission.

For more information On how the flood risk authorities may use your personal data In connection With this report please click here.